Types of Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

Are you dreaming about your big day? Remember to plan everything down to the last detail, and don’t forget about your wedding bouquet!

Pretty Posy

Don’t know which flowers that would best suit your dream wedding? Take this quiz by Flamingo Florist in Nowra and see which flower – or flowers – would be the perfect fit in your wedding bouquet.

1. Where do you want to have your wedding?

  1. Rustic barn wedding
  2. Traditional church wedding
  3. Beach wedding
  4. Garden wedding

2. Ideal date night with your future spouse?

  1. Just a dinner and movie at home
  2. Dinner out in a fancy 5-star restaurant
  3. Somewhere in the great big world, staring at the stars
  4. Listening to an acoustic band in a coffee shop

3. Where would you like to spend your honeymoon?

  1. Wine tasting in Napa Valley
  2. Roadtrip across the Australian outback
  3. Soaking up some sun in Bali
  4. Backpacking around Western Europe

4. What’s your ideal wedding dress?

  1. Something simple like a column silhouette
  2. More traditional yet expressive like an a-line dress with sequins
  3. I’m at the beach – a mermaid wedding dress, of course!
  4. Getting myself a tea-length dress

5. Dream wedding motif?

  1. Pink and white with a hint of soft yellow hues
  2. Pure white
  3. Vibrant colours, like coral reefs
  4. Purples and blues, soft colours depending on the season


If you picked mostly A’s…

Pretty posy – it’s not exactly a flower but a bouquet of flowers, particularly pink and cream ones. Pink themed posies symbolise grace, while white themed posies represent elegant and perfection. When you bunch up pink and white flowers together, you get a perfectly elegant and  graceful flower bouquet. Tie it up with a yellow ribbon and walk down the aisle looking fresh, lovely and in love.

We recommend the Pretty Posy bouquet – take a look.

If you picked mostly B’s…

White roses – If you’re more traditional, or if you just love roses, then the white rose is your ideal flower for your wedding bouquet. White roses symbolise eternal loyalty, youthfulness and everlasting love, so if you want to say ‘I do’ and have a happily ever after, pick a white rose wedding bouquet to show your endless love.

Contact Flamingo Florist in Nowra to design your wedding bouquet.

If you picked mostly C’s…

Eclectic and colourful – you want so many types of flowers in your wedding bouquet that you’ve become creative and just added them all in. You can have several flowers in one fantastic bouquet: lush roses of different colours along with peonies and lilies or a combination of multi-coloured dahlias and wildflowers. Like the coral reefs under the sea, your wedding bouquet is a mix and match of your personality and taste.

We recommend the Vibrant Relish bouquet – take a look.

If you picked mostly D’s…

Mixed roses – Roses match any season and are perfect for any wedding motif. They speak of true love, honour and elegance, and an everlasting promise above all. You can choose from a wide array of colours, from traditional white to quirky orange and add a few red roses and green leaves to frame it all together. Mixed roses are especially great for garden weddings if you want to add hints of colours on your special day.

We recommend the Mix Rose Bunch Doz – take a look.

Flamingo Florist in Nowra NSW has been creating beautiful bouquets for different occasions since 1956. From get well soon arrangements to wedding bouquets, we can do it all for you and yours. Visit our website to look at our collection of bouquets or contact us so we can help you make one to your liking.

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