The Meanings of Sympathy Flowers

Expressing your condolences with sympathy flowers is a thoughtful gesture to those who have lost a loved one. It’s extremely painful to lose a dear friend or relative so flowers would be a meaningful tribute to the life they’ve celebrated.

If you’re planning to give a bouquet of sympathy flowers, here are some suggestions that you can have arrange and order.

1. Lilies

Lilies are the traditional sympathy flowers, which are usually white in colour, a symbol of the departed soul’s return to innocence and of renewal and hope for those who were left behind. White stargazer lilies are often used in sympathy bouquets and wreaths during wakes and funerals. 

Our Oriental Delight bouquet may have a tinge of orange but the meaning and thoughts of hope stand the same.

2. Chrysanthemums

While chrysanthemums are the official Mother’s Day flower in Australia, they can be sympathy flowers in other countries, too. 

Sometimes known as mums, chrysanthemums are favourite memorial flowers among Asian communities as white mums symbolise grief and reincarnation, although it’s usually used for funeral services rather than wakes. 

You don’t need to order just white mums if you’re planning to give sympathy flowers. There are colour variations available – yellow may symbolise friendship and violet ones symbolise quick recovery. 

You can order sympathy flowers online from Flamingo Florist.

3. Carnations

Carnations are another popular sympathy flower because of their fragrance and their colour versatility. Mix pink and white for remembrance and innocence. Add one or two dark red carnations to remind your loved ones of your love and affection.

4. Roses

Roses aren’t only for expressing romantic love during Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. They can also be a great addition to sympathy and funeral flowers. It would be a good idea to send deep red roses, which symbolise grief and sorrow. You can arrange a rose bouquet with other sympathy flowers mentioned above.
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